Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PowerShell Blogging

Well there are a number of really good resources out there for PowerShell and I've been using them frequently. However, I've noticed that not a lot of people are using PowerShell v2 RTM that comes with Windows 7 to manage Active Directory. I'm hoping this can become a place where AD and PowerShell V2 can come together to help administrators take advantage of some of the exciting technologies that are available. I'm new to blogging and I'm a 'newbie' with PowerShell. I've spent the last decade VBScripting all over the place now I'm really focused on learning and taking advantage of all the power PowerShell has to offer.

I have to say to all you VBScripters. PowerShell is really a superior scripting platform. I didn't believe it at first but over the past few weeks I'm convinced that I took way too long to come on over to the PowerShell side of scripting.

My problems with PS were:
  1. I don't like curly brackets {}.
  2. I didn't like putting $ in front of my variables.
  3. I really thought I had to pipe everything. Actually, you don't have to pipe anything if (like me) you don't find that sort of thing intuitive. You can write straight script just like you would in VBScript.
  4. Almost forgot--I really didn't like that comparison operators like = < > were replaced with -eq -lt -gt.
Those things may seem silly to some, but an honest evaluation of my reasoning produced that list as to why I refused to switch to Posh sooner. Now that I've been using it for about three weeks I'm hooked. It really is a superior scripting language. I find myself being able to do all of the things I did in VB plus more and in a more elegant way. I'm glad I switched.

If like me you have problems with the syntax, I can tell you that if you just start using PowerShell you will get used to the syntax fairly quickly. Now curly brackets don't bother me one bit and I'm already used to the $ variables. So trust me, start using PowerShell, you'll love it.

I figure with this blog I'll post some of my projects and share what I learn as I learn it. Hopefully, it'll be useful to someone out there.

Happy scripting...

Cameron Out.

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